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The classes are divided into batches according to the levels:


  • The chess board
  • Ranks and files
  • How the pieces move
  • Piece values
  • Castling
  • Chess notation and terminology
  • Checkmate
  • Stalemate


  • Effective development
  • Importance of the centre
  • Pawn formations
  • Piece strategies
  • The evolving role of the king
  • When to exchange pieces
  • Active vs Passive
  • Strategy vs Tactics
  • Positional vs Tactical
  • Finding reasons for moves
  • The opposition
  • Tactics
  • Overworked pieces


  • Chess opening preparation
  • The art of analysis
  • Exploiting weaknesses
  • Priority thinking
  • The concept of space
  • The concept of pressure
  • Checkmating patterns
  • The art of sacrifice
  • Keeping up the tempo
  • Gaining the initiative
  • Endgame technique
  • Training for
    upcoming competition


Instructional lesson

Students will learn a specific strategies & tactics. Students are encouraged to ask questions & suggest ideas during the classes/sessions. It is said that chess is 99 % tactics therefore, improving your chess tactics is the quickest way. To effectively master the tactical pattern students learn unique patterns such as pins, forks, discovered attacks, removing the defender, a weak back rank etc. These are the well known tactical patterns. The students knowledge of the important patterns will help them to calculate variations more effectively.

Puzzle solving

Each student will receive chess puzzle to improve their problem solving & pattern recognition skills. The most vital benefit in solving puzzle is the improvement in your pattern recognition. We give chess tips to our students to solve puzzles effectively. We provide students worksheets of chess puzzles as a homework task so that they can practice more and more

Practice games

Students gain practical experience by practice games with the other students in class. This encourage to practice good sportsmanship & learning attitude. We organize online chess tournaments for students every Sunday so that students can apply the learned techniques in their games. The practice tournaments re organized to boost their confidence level and practical play through which they could perform better in competitions.